• Braid Out

    This Braid out was achieved by using the Hair Growth Mist and the Hair Butter
  • Hair Growth Journey

  • From Damaged Hair to Healthy Hair

    I started making hair products because my hair was fried . I kept coloring it and getting sew ins . My leave out probably didn’t even touch my eyebrows .My products literally repaired my damaged hair .
    Do you see the growth ?
    Let me be apart of your hair growth journey.✨

    If you’re constant with my products you’ll see amazing results 

  • 1 year results

    Do y’all see the growth ?! This first picture was my damaged hair😢👎🏽.I started making natural hair care products at the beginning of 2019 because m...
  • Castor hair growth serum results

  • Hair Growth

  • Castor Hair Growth Serum Results

    Do y’all see the growth ? These are my little brother’s starter locs .The first picture was taken 1/26/20 . The 2nd picture 3/15/20😍 . He used Nick...
  • Hair growth bundle results

    Look at her amazing hair growth within 2 weeks ! 😍😍 @bchick_x0 has been using the Aloe Hair Growth Mist , The Castor Hair Growth Serum , and the Wh...
  • Hair growth over 3 1/2 months

    Do you see my hair growth ? 😍I only use Nickey's Natural Nation hair care products . My hair is fuller and healthier ! Get yours today www.nickeyna...
  • Whipped body & hair butter review

    Hands of a hard worker 🙌In the first picture you’ll see how dry their skin was . The 2nd picture they applied the Whipped Body & Hair Butter . ...
  • Healthy hair journey

    Follow my hair journey 😍 Look how juicy my curls look I used @nickey_naturalnation all natural Nectar Curl Cream
  • Nectar curl cream review

    Look how juicy my curls are .I used Nickey's Natural Nation Nectar Curl Cream shop