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Repair & Shine Oil

Repair & Shine Oil

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4 oz
Repair & Shine Oil is formulated to strengthen hair follicles while increasing hair growth. This all natural oil reduces split ends and is full with Vitamin E! This lightweight oil can be used as a daily moisturizer . Can also be used as hair treatment before washing hair. Infused with organic lemongrass and lavender essential oil .

“The principal concern of religious studies is to expose differences in those worldviews so that we might understand the beliefs and practices of a wide variety of cultural actors. Different religious groups imagine the world differently, and that affects how they respond to contemporary concerns.” A quote by William 'Chip' Gruen from  his article “The Case for Religious Studies”

He explains the world is huge and everyone has different religions and we should understand everyone’s religion because it plays a big part in decision making laws . It is important to study religion to understand everyone’s view point and out look on life .

There are a lot of people on this planet and I believe for everyone to get a lot and respect each other we have to be informative about different religions .

He also states , “ Whether we like it or not, individuals and communities are inspired by their religious identities to take action in the world.” I completely agree .I would like to add on that an individual can convince a whole group .

A person’s beliefs can affect a whole community’s out look on life . The way people think affects .Religion plays a big part in why people think the way they do and that can affect the whole world .

“Religion is a key element in every culture and in every phase of history…” states in “Why Study Religion in the Twenty-first Century?” . History is important because it helps us understand how we got here today . Religion plays a big part in how we got here today as well . He also states , “The fact is, we need to learn to live with other, different human beings, whatever their religious practices and beliefs are.” I agree because you do not need to  have the same religion as someone, you just need to understand and respect their religion for everyone in the world to co exist .


Sweet Almond Oil , Lemongrass essential oil , Lavender essential oil

How to use

Apply a small amount onto scalp and hair hstrands for moisture. Can be used as hair treatment before shampooing hair .


Adds moisture • light weight oil • Anti- frizz • Promotes hair growth • Reduces split ends • Heals damaged hair • Eliminates dandruff


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