Face and body oil
Face and body oil

Face and body oil

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This all natural Face and Body Oil is formulated to soothe your body and relax your muscles .
DIRECTIONS:Apply a few drops to face and irritated area and let these oils soothe your body !

  • use if you have acne prone skin 
  • won’t clog your pores 
  • reduces acne scars 
  • eczema  
  • light oil for face
  • soothes skin 
  • improves skin tone and complexion
  • Reduces stretch marks 
  • perfect for red flaky skin
  • Dry skin  

INGREDIENTS:Sweet almond oil , essential oil of choice 

Almond oil is the main ingredient.Almond oil is enriched with vitamin D and E.This natural oil will keep your skin hydrated and reduce eczema .Almond oil has many healthy benefits for your hair as well! By adding almond oil to your hair care routing , your hair becomes stronger , softer, and less prone to split ends .